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First Entry: I should be working on my Thesis…

3 Apr

I’ve decided that because I have been so inspired by so many author blogs, I want to start my own. I find the journey from writing to revising to publication an exhilarating one and  writing is such a personal endeavor which in the end gets shared with an audience (big or small) who only get to see the finished product; the polished, glossy, mostly error free version of something that you’ve slaved over for months, years, even decades. I want to share my journey in the hopes that I can hopefully help someone else going through the same journey and let them know they’re not alone!

To me the process/journey is what I’m most interested in which I just recently realized while trying to come up with a thesis statement for my body of work in school. The end product is definitely important because that is what everyone will see, that is what everyone is going to pick apart or hopefully enjoy, but to me the process is the most exciting part because during that process I have the control, I hold the reins and I decide who lives or dies. When it finally goes out into the world, whether it’s a finished story or a finished painting, you can’t influence how other people feel about it, how they review it, or even if they like it (unless you’re some kind of magic priestess who can alter people’s perceptions…).

So, because like many writers out there who do not want to post their writing in its unfinished state, wrinkled with errors and soiled with indulgences, this is mostly going to be a blog updated with news on where I am in my outline, my writing playlists, how many chapters I’ve finished, query letters, reviews for books that I have recently read, frustrations I’m dealing with, and so much more! (As long as I remember to update…) Thanks for reading and I’ll post something soon!