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Mini RANT: The McDouble

7 Jun

How hard is it to fully cook a burger??

I know, my rants tend to be focused on Fast Food places, specifically the McDonald’s down the street from me. But is it really that hard to cook a burger so that it’s not pink and gray inside? This has happened to me the past threeeeee times I’ve been there. Each time that much worse.

I’m all for people wanting their burgers rare, medium rare, raw! But when it comes to my processed, packed, meat patty; I would like it to be well done. I would like to order a burger that doesn’t taste like chewing gum in my mouth and that doesn’t have dead lettuce clutching onto the ketchup for dear life. That my friends, is not a good burger.  And that is the end of my mini RANT. Thank you for taking the time to listen.


RANT: McDonald’s Milkshakes

21 Oct

All I have to say is… What happened?

I am by no means a McDonald’s connoisseur, but I feel as an upset customer I should say something. A couple of weeks ago my mom and I decided to treat ourselves with Milkshakes, (we would get them as a treat when I was younger) so she ordered a strawberry and I got the vanilla. I know, plain Jane. We were excited, despite the new clear plastic container with McCafé and a cherry printed on the outside… What does a cherry have to do with my milkshake?

So we get to the window (drive-thru) and the guy asks, “Do you want whip cream and a cherry on your milkshakes?” Whip cream and cherries? Why would I want whip cream and cherries on my already sweet milkshake? If I wanted a gourmet shake I wouldn’t go to McDonald’s. We frown, glance at each other and quickly shake our heads.

“They don’t want it either.”

My mom gives me a puzzled look and says to the window guy, “I guess the whip cream isn’t popular.”

“Nobody wants it.”

When we get our milkshakes we see the new clear containers and in the light my “vanilla” milkshake looks like a caramel yellow; my mom swears her milkshake is cherry but they don’t have cherry shakes… My milkshake tastes like super sweet butterscotch. We chalk it up to one bad experience.

Until the next week… When we decide to stop at another McDonalds to get a burger. When we get to the window to get our order, “Would you like a free milkshake?” Uh, yeah.

BUTTERSCOTCH. It has no vanilla flavor to it at all. I don’t know if this is a Cleveland thing but my mom and I would like to say, McDonald’s, you’ve failed us. For the few times we do go, we’re excited, and now, we won’t be buying milkshakes from them anytime soon or in the future.