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Book Review: Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles

20 Sep

Cover of Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles“Perfect Chemistry” by Simone Elkeles is the book I kept bypassing every time I went to the bookstore (which is a lot). I’d seen it online, I’d read the reviews and I refused to give in and read it. Why? I have no idea, because now that I have it in my hands and spent the entire night and morning reading it, I feel like I should kick myself.

A retelling of Romeo & Juliet; Brittany Ellis is the seemingly perfect popular girl who has secrets hidden behind her designer façade, while Alex Fuentes is a Latino gang member from the other side of town who may not be as tough as he seems. When they’re assigned to become lab partners and Alex accepts a bet from his friends, romance ensues.

I’m not sure if you’ll find very many surprises in this quick read but the tight writing and “Perfect Chemistry” between the two main characters had me turning pages till the end.