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The Vampire Diaries: Masquerade

29 Oct

I don’t know if I was the only one praying that this episode of The Vampire Diaries wouldn’t turn into Gossip Girl. Specifically the episode with the masked ball where everyone inevitably kisses everyone in the first season and OMG, I didn’t realize I kissed your boyfriend… I couldn’t recognize him with a strip of fabric across his eyes…

In this episode Katherine moves in for the kill. Without giving anything away… Bonnie may have stolen this episode with a new (possible?) love interest that I was not expecting. And a few mishaps lead to a couple of unexpected… or expected deaths. I do think Alaric needs more screen time, and more of a subplot. The flirting with Jenna is cute… but he was much more involved the first season; he wasn’t just the supplier of cool weapons or Elena’s babysitter.

I do hate cliffhangers… but this makes me even more excited for next weeks episode.

The next episode (Rose) airs on November 4th @ 8pmE on The CW.