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15 May

The brain freeze has lifted with some major repercussions… My plot revision has turned into a plot OVERHAUL.

I decided to Google my main characters name (I’ve never thought to do that before)! And who does it belong to…?

The main character in JEEPERS CREEPERS!

I wouldn’t have cared… except now I can’t get the picture of screaming teens and flesh eating monsters out of my head… (Scary movies… scare me. I don’t laugh at the cheesy ones, I cover my eyes.)

So I changed it.

And the new name is so perfect that the entire story has changed; characters, setting, ending… All because I changed one name. Have you ever changed a bulk of your story because one minor element was changed?

Brand new re-write… but I’m excited:)


Fairy LOVE

14 May

#1Brain freeze = huge penguins interrupting the re-write of my plot outline…

#2 – I want to give a huge shout out Haley Penca; a wonderful illustrator and friend. She recently spotted one of her coloring books by Faber-Castell in Borders! If you have an affinity for fairies, like coloring outside the lines…, or just like looking at beautiful illustrations, you should check out her coloring books!



Fabulous Fairy Fantasy


Busy with Ballet

Design Website:


Summer Goals

1 May

Blog, blog, blog…

Write shorter blog entries

Restructure my plot outline for my WIP: TFC

Get my novel ready to send out by the end of the summer