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BOOK REVIEW: CRAVE by Laura J. Burns & Melinda Metz

15 Apr

When I picked up CRAVE from Borders I was ecstatic, I’ve been waiting for this book forever and it took me long enough to finally get it. And that wait was completely worth it. I loved every moment of CRAVE even though I wanted to shake Shay the main character more than once. It drew me in from the beginning and it’s definitely a quick read; it took me less than a day. But once you start reading you won’t want to stop.

Shay has lived with a blood disorder her entire life, she’s known as the “Sick Girl” to everyone in town. Her best friend is as obsessive about her health as her mother and her stepfather is a famous doctor. When her stepfather finds a new concoction of blood for Shay that seems to work miracles, Shay begins to take risks she was never able to before. But with the new blood comes visions, visions of Gabriel. And Gabriel is more than he seems.

I really enjoyed this book and the cliffhanger in the end definitely annoyed me because now I have to wait for the next book. Is it sad that I’m getting used to books stopping right in the middle of the action? Almost as if they intended to write a longer book but the word count was too high so they chopped it in half? Other than that this book was great, Shay is a relatable character (even though I wanted to yell at her sometimes because of her “I feel better, I can do anything without consequences” attitude) and her wants and dreams are recognizable. Although I did want to kind of roll my eyes at the romance aspect (which kind of just popped up) I would definitely recommend this book and the next one ARISE when it comes out in September.

Random Quote: “And it needed a home. So did all the other sad toys in big bin at the end of the aisle, but she couldn’t rescue everybody.”

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