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20 Oct

First thoughts: “OMG, where can I get a pink Tasey?”

PARANORMALCY features a blonde, pink stiletto boot wearing heroine where “OMG” and “Oh, bleep!” consistently litter the pages. By the end of the book I was saying, “Oh bleep! How am I going to survive until the next book?”

PARANORMALCY is Buffy meets The Bourne Identity… Evie works for IPCA (International Paranormal Containment Agency) and she “bags-and-tags” those paranormals who aren’t registered with IPCA. She’s being romantically pursued (can stalking be called romantic…?) by a faerie ex-boyfriend, paranormals are mysteriously dying, and a new shape-shifter in containment is hiding more secrets than Evie can imagine.

When I drove to Borders to get PARANORMALCY the day it came out, I couldn’t find it. It was nowhere to be seen. It was hidden behind another book and there were only THREE copies. I was counting down the days, looking for giveaways, and trying not squeal when I finally held it in my hands. And after I read the first page, I knew it wouldn’t disappoint. Let’s not forget the gorgeous cover which actually does refer to an important scene in the book (even though a number of reviewers say it doesn’t…)

As high as my expectations were for this book, it was still able to exceed every one of them. Almost every chapter has a new revelation; it was a refreshing change from those YA books that like to drag out those nail-biting questions until you’re at the end of the book and you still haven’t learned anything new.

PARANORMALCY is one of the first books to make me LOL the entire time I read it. It is my favorite YA book out this year. You won’t be disappointed to have this one on your shelf.

One of my Favorite Lines:  “Wait—seriously? There are unicorns? You’re lying.”

A.N.: The next day at Borders there were no more copies… the next week the shelf was full of them!

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