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Cat Got Your Tongue?

22 Oct

I’m thinking about adopting a cat… what do you think?

Also, check out Holly Black’s first book in the Curse Workers Series WHITE CAT Released on May 4, 2010:

Cassel, 17, is an anomaly as the only untalented one in a family of curse workers. While his mother, grandfather, and brothers make their living by illegally performing death curses, manipulating memories, and casting emotion charms, Cassel relies on his quick wit and con-artist skills to convince his private-school classmates that he’s normal, despite bouts of sleepwalking and patchy memories of standing over a murdered friend named Lila. Nightmares about a white cat that resembles Lila, his family’s ties to organized crime, and evidence of a mysterious plot against him threaten to pull Cassel into the world he’s fought hard to resist. (Amazon)


Red Glove by Holly Black

16 Sep

Have you seen this gorgeous cover for Holly Black’s Red Glove?

Red Glove by Holly Black