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Goals… Or Lack Thereof…

21 Sep

Goals Grocery List

Do you treat goals like a grocery list, are they motivation, or do they paralyze you?

Long term or short term; goals are why that car cut you off this morning on your way to work. If only to get a couple of feet closer to their destination (I hate it just as much as you). Goals are why you didn’t eat that apple pie this weekend because you’re on a diet.

I’m not a goal-oriented person. Let me rephrase that, I make goals and forget about them. Goals, big or small, doing the laundry to getting that novel published seem to run away from me. (Okay, I run away from them.) I hate having deadlines looming over my head; instead of motivation they make me procrastinate even more.

I’m in my last year of Undergrad and all I can think about are all of the deadlines I’ve avoided, forgotten about, or didn’t know about. And I think about those goals I’ve made nagging my every thought. And yeah, that bachelor’s degree sounds pretty good but so does that bowl of ice-cream and shiny new book cover on my bookshelf.

So I’m making it my goal (that sounds skeptical doesn’t it?)… I’m making it my “assignment” to make some goals. ATTAINABLE goals; because if they aren’t attainable in your mind, you’ve defeated yourself before you’ve even started.

With every goal, think about why you want to achieve that goal, what will it accomplish for you? Why is it so important? Identifying these reasons can push you that much closer to achieving them.