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Where Are My Bookstores Going?

17 Sep

A couple of weeks ago I took this picture:     And in January this closed:

Borders Closing              
Do I really need to tell you how I felt? Those two bookstores accounted for almost 76% (total guesstimate) of the book traffic in my area. (Maybe exaggerating?) Of course we have other bookstores, a sort of new Joseph-Beth about 15 minutes away, another borders about 18 minutes away (filled with boxes that have been keeping its customers company for over a year now, and newly emptied book shelves…) What the heck? I feel like they’re slowly killing off my best friends. They’re cementing their doors shut and when I talked to some employees, they’re not being relocated.

What really gave me a headache was walking into Wal-Mart the other day and seeing their newly expanded book section across from the party supplies and streamers. I found books that were sold out at Borders or hadn’t been shelved yet for 75% to almost half the price of my local bookstores. As exciting as that was… Wal-Mart??? I just want my B&N back with its carpeted floors and atmospheric lighting…

If B&N is selling (read article here) then what does that mean for the rest of the bookstores across the country?